Technical Specification

The QUAD QSA-30 has perfect placement accuracy, placing components ranging from 0402 capacitors and resistors to QFP 208’s.Having a perfect placement of BGA’s and other ultra-fine pitch components, SQA-30 has a placent rate of up to 13,000 components per an hour. The QSA-30 is a relatively low-priced, high throughput assembler, providing customers to the Machine with a low cost per placement machine.

QUAD QSA-30 Features

  • The single shot with three placement heads allows plaments rates of up to 13,000 per hour
  • Processed PCB sizes up to 400mm x 450mm
  • Automatic optical centering for all component sizes from 0402 to QFP208 by the vision system QuadAlign
  • Constant and accurate placement
  • operating software for MS Windows
  • Programmable board transport with automatic width adjustment (optional)
  • Standard assembly and sequence optimization
  • PCB position correction
  • Direct transfer of many CAD data