Technical Specification

The QUAD 4C integrates system flexability with fine pitch precision creating a outstanding solution for diverse and efficent technical permance. The QUAD 4C comprehensive range of modular assembles offer a range of solutions for SMT applications. Quad’s 4C is a medium volume production solution assembling boards smoothly and safely while staying effective and reliable maintaining continues consistent hight placement speeds.

QUAD 4C features

  • placement rates of up to 3,600 cph
  • Handles complex boards – with components from 0402s to 3.00″ square
  • The QuadAlign system provides automatic correcting for X, Y and theta positioning before placement
  • Quad’s innovative P4 (Pick-Pick, Place-Place) head technology
  • Detachable feeder bases and carts for rapid changeover
  • X-Y linear glass scale encoders provide exact placement
  • coordinates with consistent ±60 micron repeatability
  • Optional Intelligent Feeder System for setup verification
  • 0.060mm ultra-fine pitch capable