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Faroad CPM-II

Fully Automatic Inline Flexible Placement System

This machine has an option to handle 1.2 metre long boards with ease.  Perfect for producing long PCB’s & LED substrate products at a remarkably low price!



Fully Automatic Inline Flexible Lens-Mounter System

This machine has an option to handle 1.2 metre long boards with ease.  Perfect for producing LED products.

High Speed SMT placement machine

Faroad CPM-III

High Speed Fully Automatic Inline Flexible Placement System


Mirae MPS-1025 / MPS-1025P

Mirae MPS-1025 / MPS-1025P Specifications and Features Linear Motors / Linear Scales Vision Inspection 0201 to 50mm square (CSP Standard) Three stage Conveyor with Soft Stop Windows 2000 graphical user interface with wizard assistance Smallest Footprint in class 6 Heads (Standard 6) Tape Feeders 80ea Max (8mm) Tape Feeder Sizes Supported: 8(std), 12, 16, 24,…


Mirae MPS-1030 / MPS-1030P

Single Speed MPS-1030 / MPS-1030P Assembly Time: 0.196 seconds / chip (best) 11,000 Cph (* IPC-9850) Placement Accuracy: Chip: 0.1 / QFP 0.08 Substrate Size: Mm 30×50 – 410×360 (0.4 – 4.0 mm) Component Range: 1005 – 18×18 Component Number: 90 (8mm feeders) Resolution: XY-axis: 0.001 mm, Posted titles R: 0.044 degrees, Posted titles Z:…


Mirae MX-100

Mirae MX-100 Suppoted with new technology features the Mirae MX-100 offers high performance linear motor gantries, Intelligent feeders with power and signal that is connected to the machine automatically. A vision system with full adjustable LED lighting system, a single gantry structure and 4 high speed axes heads creating 14,000 CPH. With a compact footprint…


Mirae MX-200

Mirae MX-200 The Mirae Mx 200 offers new technology such as high performance linear motor gantries, full vision system with adjustable LED lighting system and intelligent feeders with power and signal that is connected to the machine automatically. With a compact foot print, single gantry structure, 6 axes high speed head and 20,000 CPH makes…


Mirae MX-400

Mirae MX-400 The Mirae MX-400 has an optional dual lane conveyor which enables the two PCB to work at high speeds simultaneously. a single conveyor belt that runs two gantry structures with 2.6 high speed axes heads creating 40,00 CPH. Placement rates of up to 40,000 CHP Component size: 0603 – 18mm (with 0402 option)…



From the “C” Series SMT Placement Systems, The QUAD 2C has been designed for flexibility and speed. The Quad 2C has a placement rate range of 3,400 cph (Depending on the board and component type), it handles 0402 to PLCC 84 components an up and plastic lead Carriers measuring 1.00″. With The QUAD 2C six…



The QUAD 4C integrates system flexability with fine pitch precision creating a outstanding solution for diverse and efficent technical permance. The QUAD 4C comprehensive range of modular assembles offer a range of solutions for SMT applications. Quad’s 4C is a medium volume production solution assembling boards smoothly and safely while staying effective and reliable maintaining…



The QUAD QSA-30 has perfect placement accuracy, placing components ranging from 0402 capacitors and resistors to QFP 208’s.Having a perfect placement of BGA’s and other ultra-fine pitch components, SQA-30 has a placent rate of up to 13,000 components per an hour. The QSA-30 is a relatively low-priced, high throughput assembler, providing customers to the Machine…



0.28 sec/comp 13’000cph (Optimum) Non contact on the fly optical centering system Accurately places devices up to 26mm square (Laser Align) 0.4mm lead pitch of larger components by use of fixed vision camera. Up to 76 x 8mm feeders Large PCB size 450mm x 400mm Single Stage conveyor system CAD interface as standard Compact footprint,…



QUAD QSX-1 is a High Precision SMT Assembler. The QUAD QSX-1 has the most advanced placement technology in this day and age’s Industry, the QUAD QSX-1 is well known for its unltra-fine pitch precision and platform has been made to sustain speen and accuracy in stand-alone or in-line enviroments. The QUAD QSX-1 is built to…