Mirae MX-100


Technical Specification

Mirae MX-100

Suppoted with new technology features the Mirae MX-100 offers high performance linear motor gantries, Intelligent feeders with power and signal that is connected to the machine automatically. A vision system with full adjustable LED lighting system, a single gantry structure and 4 high speed axes heads creating 14,000 CPH. With a compact footprint this machine is the best productivity and efficiency in its class.

Mirae MX-100 Features

  • Placement rates of up to 14,000 cph
  • Component size: 0603 – 18mm (with 0402 option)
  • Auto plug-in feeder design for inproved user convenience
  • Software provides an easy to use graphical user interface and efficient programming functions
  • optional detachable feeder bases and carts for rapid changeover
  • X-Y linear glass scale encoders provide exact accuracy.