SMTech 100iS


Technical Specification

SMTech 100iS Non vision In-line High Precision Screen Printer
(also known as VMP20iS, UP100iS and Sigmaprint 100iS)

From the SMTech 100 series. The SMTech-100iS covers the full range of SMT application and works with both up-line and down-line equipment using industrial standard SMEMA protocol. As well as providing proven technology, the SMTech-100iS also fitted with an adjustable conveyor and tooling system and a reciprocating registation pin carriage. The 100iS very much the same when as the other 100 series models in that it provides 23″ screen frame format and works with menu driven software for a fast set-up making an ease out of its use.

SMTech-100iS Features

  • Easy to use controls
  • Micro-controlled for repeatability and reliability
  • A compact footprint
  • Snap-off speed control
  • vacuum tooling system
  • Offline product file storage with the Sigmalink communications system